When it comes to being a new parent one thing that can be certain is that everyone would treat you like as if you know nothing about parenting, and will provide you with an infinite amount of parenting tips that most of the time will conflict with the tips provided by others. At the end of it all you will be a confused and anxious mess. The ironic thing about this is that while there will be so many tips, there are some things others just won’t tell you.

Therefore here are 4 things you need you to need to know about parenting that people will most likely not tell you about.

It’s Alright to Not Fall in Love with Your Baby Immediately after Birth

The way media depicts parents falling in love with their little one as soon as they hold them might be true to some people but not to everybody. Love is an emotion and while it is easy to claim that all parents should love their children, it is not something you can force. For many, love takes time. There will be a moment in which you would realize you love the little person clinging to you but that might take some time to occur so don’t feel guilty if you don’t feel immediate love for your baby.

Newborns Make the Worst Company

If you expect to play with your newborn and see their cute smile and hear their coos, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Newborns are like a CEO who is difficult to please and very demanding. If you expect anything in return, you are very mistaken. Newborn babies will cry a lot and sleep a lot. In between these things they will have their meal, require a diaper change and if you are lucky they will notice you exist. To see them cool and laugh, you will need to patiently for at least a month or two to pass.

Baby Care Is Ridiculously Expensive

The entire world knows how much parents want to but their little ones the best of the best, so companies have a tendency to make baby care items more expensive than their adult counterpart. There is a huge profit margin with baby care items and most of the time companies will market these overpriced products as absolute necessities when they are just expensive toys your baby may not even be interested in.

Bathtime Looks Cute but Is a War Zone

Babies have a strange relationship with water. They will cry out their lungs before they enter the water and for a few minutes after they enter it but then a little while later they would be very delighted and enjoy themselves. So when you are getting ready for baby bathtime you may want to use distraction as your weapon. Have toys that can take away their attention and focus. Like a rubber duck or a ball. Then use these items to distract them when you are taking them into the water and out of it.

In the end when it comes to caring for babies, do your research and trust your gut and paediatrician. Your baby is ultimately going to be around for a while so just like other parents, strap yourself in for a ride and don’t be too anxious. Enjoy the moments with your baby because as they grow older and become less dependent on you, you may wish you could turn back time and have your baby back.

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