Parenthood, media loves to portray it as the most wonderful thing that can happen to an individual. A loving family is the centre of man advertisements and movies and all the parents seem to know what they are doing and their children turn out fantastic. New parents may believe that it is the norm to have a family like that and people can be stellar parents right off the bat however the truth is anything but that.

Parenting is a wild journey and new parents they are like tourists from a secure background without any experience in the wild, being dropped off in the jungle and told to fend for themselves. It can be overwhelming and difficult.

Everyone make parenting seem so easy but the truth is there are so many things they are actually not telling you about parenting, so here are a few of them.

It Is Okay To Think Your Newborn Looks Like a Potato

Newborn babies do not look pretty. This is the fact and no matter how cute, adorable and beautiful people claim them to be, the truth is they are not good looking at birth. During pregnancy, the babies are practically submerged in water in a very constricted space therefore when they are born their skin is wrinkled and they look like they are well above 80 years old. If you think they are still pretty, that’s perfectly fine and if you think they look like a potato, that’s perfectly fine too. Just enjoy the process and don’t feel guilty if you think they look less than stellar.

Do Not Fall Into the Shopping Trap

Everybody knows that a new parent has the instinct to purchase their baby the best of the best, especially the companies. There are so many products out there claiming to be the absolute best for your baby’s development however the truth is you do not need everything. Babies do require supplies but when you are purchasing them just pay attention to the basics. Does it help your baby? Is it necessary? How much does it cost? Most of the time you would realize, that you really do not need more than half of the things that are being marketed to you. When purchasing supplies always pay attention to the benefits of the product. If you realize that in the end the only difference between two brands of diaper is their fragrance and 10 dollars, just go for the cheaper product. The fragrance of the diapers matters naught for your baby and should for you too.

It Is Alright To Not Feel Absolute Love for Your Baby in the First Few Months

Some parents fall head over heels in love with their baby immediately after birth but for some it takes time. Babies, especially in the first few weeks of their birth, can be exhausting and difficult to love. They literally cry all the time and you don’t get much in return at all, not even a smile. However it will happen at some time. At one point, you will fall in love with your little one. Therefore don’t feel guilty if you feel like you don’t absolutely love them just yet.

However if you feel upset and very down after your baby’s birth and the feelings don’t go away even after more than a few months have passed, you may want to visit a doctor. Postnatal depression is a real thing and the signs of it should never be ignored.

In the end being a parent is tough but it is just the progression of life. Your baby is your little miracle so take it one step at a time and just be there for your little one.

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