Becoming A Parent – What to Expect

Parenthood, media loves to portray it as the most wonderful thing that can happen to an individual. A loving family is the centre of man advertisements and movies and all the parents seem to know what they are doing and their children turn out fantastic. New parents may believe that it is the norm to have a family like that and people can be stellar parents right off the bat however the truth is anything but that.

Parenting is a wild journey and new parents they are like tourists from a secure background without any experience in the wild, being dropped off in the jungle and told to fend for themselves. It can be overwhelming and difficult.

Everyone make parenting seem so easy but the truth is there are so many things they are actually not telling you about parenting, so here are a few of them.

It Is Okay To Think Your Newborn Looks Like a Potato

Newborn babies do not look pretty. This is the fact and no matter how cute, adorable and beautiful people claim them to be, the truth is they are not good looking at birth. During pregnancy, the babies are practically submerged in water in a very constricted space therefore when they are born their skin is wrinkled and they look like they are well above 80 years old. If you think they are still pretty, that’s perfectly fine and if you think they look like a potato, that’s perfectly fine too. Just enjoy the process and don’t feel guilty if you think they look less than stellar.

Do Not Fall Into the Shopping Trap

Everybody knows that a new parent has the instinct to purchase their baby the best of the best, especially the companies. There are so many products out there claiming to be the absolute best for your baby’s development however the truth is you do not need everything. Babies do require supplies but when you are purchasing them just pay attention to the basics. Does it help your baby? Is it necessary? How much does it cost? Most of the time you would realize, that you really do not need more than half of the things that are being marketed to you. When purchasing supplies always pay attention to the benefits of the product. If you realize that in the end the only difference between two brands of diaper is their fragrance and 10 dollars, just go for the cheaper product. The fragrance of the diapers matters naught for your baby and should for you too.

It Is Alright To Not Feel Absolute Love for Your Baby in the First Few Months

Some parents fall head over heels in love with their baby immediately after birth but for some it takes time. Babies, especially in the first few weeks of their birth, can be exhausting and difficult to love. They literally cry all the time and you don’t get much in return at all, not even a smile. However it will happen at some time. At one point, you will fall in love with your little one. Therefore don’t feel guilty if you feel like you don’t absolutely love them just yet.

However if you feel upset and very down after your baby’s birth and the feelings don’t go away even after more than a few months have passed, you may want to visit a doctor. Postnatal depression is a real thing and the signs of it should never be ignored.

In the end being a parent is tough but it is just the progression of life. Your baby is your little miracle so take it one step at a time and just be there for your little one.

Things Every First-Time Mom Should Know About Having a Baby

Having a baby can be one of the most exciting experiences in a person’s life. A baby is a miracle and the sign of the love the parents share. And for many having a baby is not just the natural progression of their relationship but life as well. However as exciting as it is to have a baby, it can be exhausting too. Babies cannot fend for themselves so they entirely depend on you to care for them and this can be overwhelming for parents especially those who are still new to being parents.

Therefore to help you manage your life and take care of your baby and you, here are things you should know.

Don’t Have a Lot of Visitors in the Hospital

It is common for people; friends, family and colleagues, to visit the mother and baby as soon as the child is born but it is better to take in just a few at a time. Newborns and their mothers need to rest especially in the first few days after birth. Giving birth is an exhausting, painful and stressful period therefore it is only right that they be able to rest and recuperate in the hospital. There is no doubt that talking to visitors can be exhausting as they would not only need to be spoken to but taken care of and the new mother will have no choice but to be awake and do so. This could stress her out and thus affect her and the baby’s health. Therefore it is better to limit the number of visitors especially when they are still in the hospital.

The baby isn’t going anywhere and neither is the mother therefore there is more than enough time to visit them after they come home from the hospital.

Purchase Suitable Baby Supplies Way before the Due Date

You may be a procrastinator but refrain from doing so when there is a baby on the way. Many babies do not arrive on the due date and may either be born earlier or later than the date therefore if you have to buy any supplies, purchase them well ahead of the due date. Especially things like car seats which are vital to ensuring the baby arrive home safe from the hospital. Also make sure to purchase clothes that suit the climate and will help the baby regulate their body temperature. Cute clothes may seem lovely and perfect for your newborn but if they are not suitable for the climate do not purchase them.

When purchasing toys to entertain your little one, try to avoid ones with parts that may be ingested by the baby. Remember babies love putting everything in their mouth and if there is something even remotely hazardous, your baby’s life will be at stake.

In the end, a baby is precious but vulnerable so it is your responsibility to keep them safe from any danger and help them grow in a healthy manner. When in doubt always check with a paediatrician or someone experienced to get the right help.

Parenting 101: How to Care For Your Little One

Babies are amazing. They are the symbol of hope and everything good in this world. Therefore they need to be protected and taken care of to the best of one’s ability. Caring for your little one may seem difficult especially in the beginning but just like everything else in the world, with the right knowledge and time, you would realize that it is still difficult but not impossible.

So how do you do it? How do you care for your little one? Well here are a few things you should do.

Choose Their Supplies Well

Babies require a lot of supplies and these need to be chosen with care. When choosing diapers go for ones that would not irritate your baby’s skin, even if they cost a little more because trust me, if your baby’s skin is irritated they will be irritated and upset. Which would make life difficult not just for your baby but for you too. Also always ensure that you do not feed them processed food at least in the beginning. A child learns from their home, if you give them healthy food when they are young, they will have healthy eating habits as they grow older. If you resort to giving them a lot of processed food, don’t be surprised if your child refuses to eat their vegetables when they grow older. When choosing baby toys always ensure that there are no choking hazards or sharp edges that may hurt your baby. Your baby’s safety should be your priority.

Keep Them Comfortable

It may be tempting to swaddle your baby in layers of clothes to keep them warm and cosy but unless it is actually cold do not do that. Your baby can’t regulate their temperature properly until they are about 6 months old, therefore if you put on too many layers, the chances of them feeling chilled, and becoming overheated and falling prey to SIDs (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is high. If it’s warm for you then it’s warm for your baby. So reduce the layers or add them depending on the temperature. Remember, a comfortable baby is a happy baby.

Accept That You Will Never Be Able To Give Them the Perfect Care

This is definitely the most important thing you need to do. You are not going to be able to give them the perfect care. This might seem pessimistic but it is the truth. There is nothing called perfect care. In a world where there is so much of information, most of which contradicts one another, expecting to give your child the perfect care is impossible because what actually is perfect for your child? Some people may tell you that holding your baby a lot is unwise as it makes them too dependent on you while others say that it helps the baby by providing them comfort. So what is the truth? What will you do?

You should ideally research and then decide what to do but it’s not that simple. If you look at the world without the rosy lens, you would realize that even research is not always accurate. There are factors that may affect it; from small sample sizes to corruption. Therefore accept the fact that you will never be able to give them the perfect care. Just try your best to give them good care. You know the basics of parenting and the things that are widely accepted to be right so do those well. Your baby is more resilient than you think. They are really not as fragile as they look.

Things People Never Tell You about Parenting

When it comes to being a new parent one thing that can be certain is that everyone would treat you like as if you know nothing about parenting, and will provide you with an infinite amount of parenting tips that most of the time will conflict with the tips provided by others. At the end of it all you will be a confused and anxious mess. The ironic thing about this is that while there will be so many tips, there are some things others just won’t tell you.

Therefore here are 4 things you need you to need to know about parenting that people will most likely not tell you about.

It’s Alright to Not Fall in Love with Your Baby Immediately after Birth

The way media depicts parents falling in love with their little one as soon as they hold them might be true to some people but not to everybody. Love is an emotion and while it is easy to claim that all parents should love their children, it is not something you can force. For many, love takes time. There will be a moment in which you would realize you love the little person clinging to you but that might take some time to occur so don’t feel guilty if you don’t feel immediate love for your baby.

Newborns Make the Worst Company

If you expect to play with your newborn and see their cute smile and hear their coos, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Newborns are like a CEO who is difficult to please and very demanding. If you expect anything in return, you are very mistaken. Newborn babies will cry a lot and sleep a lot. In between these things they will have their meal, require a diaper change and if you are lucky they will notice you exist. To see them cool and laugh, you will need to patiently for at least a month or two to pass.

Baby Care Is Ridiculously Expensive

The entire world knows how much parents want to but their little ones the best of the best, so companies have a tendency to make baby care items more expensive than their adult counterpart. There is a huge profit margin with baby care items and most of the time companies will market these overpriced products as absolute necessities when they are just expensive toys your baby may not even be interested in.

Bathtime Looks Cute but Is a War Zone

Babies have a strange relationship with water. They will cry out their lungs before they enter the water and for a few minutes after they enter it but then a little while later they would be very delighted and enjoy themselves. So when you are getting ready for baby bathtime you may want to use distraction as your weapon. Have toys that can take away their attention and focus. Like a rubber duck or a ball. Then use these items to distract them when you are taking them into the water and out of it.

In the end when it comes to caring for babies, do your research and trust your gut and paediatrician. Your baby is ultimately going to be around for a while so just like other parents, strap yourself in for a ride and don’t be too anxious. Enjoy the moments with your baby because as they grow older and become less dependent on you, you may wish you could turn back time and have your baby back.

Three Things Every New Parent Should Know

What is a parent without a child? Having a child to many is a milestone in their life. It is a natural progression of life and something many adults look forward to. Children may be impulsive and fussy but they are the future, they will grow and become wise leaders of the new generation. Furthermore their joy and laughter can cure the world of its unhappiness. However they are not easy to take care of. Children require a lot of time and attention from their parents to become responsible members of society and this increases tenfold when they are babies.

Babies cannot do anything by themselves and are very heavily dependent on their parents to survive in the world. All of this makes it difficult to care for babies properly at least for the first few weeks or months of their birth. Therefore her are three things every parent should know when caring for babies.


Make Sure To Dress Your Baby Properly

Babies cannot regulate their body temperature for at least about 6 months after their birth, therefore it is necessary that you dress them properly. Always remember that if it is warm for you, it’s going to be warm for your baby too. Therefore dress them according to how you dress depending on the weather. Also remember that babies need to be dressed in layers. This allows heat to be trapped between the layers and keep your child comfortable. When the temperature goes past 75 degrees F, bring down the layers to just one. Also keep in mind that if there are too many layers, your baby may be susceptible to overheating and are at risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). So keep them warm when you go out in the cold but remove all those layers as soon as you arrive at a place which is warm.

Buy Them the Right Products

There are many products out there in the market for your baby and they all proclaim to be the right products for your child, however unless you fancy going broke buying all of them, when choosing the right baby supplies, always pay attention to the basics and do your research. Do not resort to buying processed food unless you absolutely can’t help it. Babies need to get the right nutrition and there is nothing better than food that is prepared carefully at home. Also when buying toys, pay attention to those that help them develop their skills. Stacking toys and teether toys are a must.

Always Use the Car Seat

When you put your baby in a car seat even if you are the passenger you may feel upset or even scared when they cry and practically plead to be held through their loud wails, but never take them from the car seat. Car seats are designed to protect your baby. It keeps them securely attached so that they would not get hurt in case of an unexpected accident. Therefore removing them from it is dangerous and akin to removing your own seat belt. Would you remove yours when the car is being driven at 120 kmh? Probably not. So why remove the baby’s one? If you are the one driving, do not become too distracted by your baby. She is safe in her car seat and will continue to be so if you keep your eyes on the road and drive safely.`